Dozer Garage’s Yamaha Midnight Star 1900 “Rocky”

Yamaha Midnight Star 1900

Named "Rocky" in honor of the boxer who never gave up and who continued to fight no matter how thought it was. This bike represents its name pretty well. Created from the remains of an destroyed bike with only frame , engine and tank,but with a twist this was a new creation, the old bike wasn't repaired but reborn. A bike couldn't be complete just consist of 3 components so … [Read more...]

Triumph Tiger Cub T20 – Derringer 200

Triumph Tiger Cub T20

If you’re looking for a bike that’s light and easy to carry but is just as fast as big motorcycles, this model is what you’re looking for. Whether you’re leisurely riding down the coast or around town for work, this beauty is fast on the road but convenient to carry around. It gives the phrase “small, but terrible” a whole new meaning.   This motorcycle is easily driven. … [Read more...]

See See Motor Coffee Helmet

see see helmet

In today’s society, art is appreciated. Be it pop art, abstract or traditional, art can exist in all places an artist seems fit to express creativity. In this case, art is expressed in motorcycle helmets.   Combining safety awareness with colors and shapes, Red Bull, See See and Bell Helmets came up with a new way to challenge creative minds while promoting safety measures. … [Read more...]

Heiwa Suzuki GrassTracker 001

Heiwa Suzuki GrassTracker 001

Suzuki presents the Grass Tracker, a brown bad boy that will surely leave its mark on riders and bystanders alike. This model is different from the usual slick and shiny motorcycle. Instead, it’s built for rednecks, for drivers who are out to get down and dirty. The Grass Tracker is suited to use in terrains and soil. It’s also used for long, rough riders in the open road. … [Read more...]

Vintage British Motorcycles At Their Best


Classics just keep getting cooler:   British Motorcycles have been around for a long time and their many different designs to choose from are one of the main aspects that tend to attract so many of the consumers to them.  Vintage British motorcycles are the best and the top five motorcycle manufacturers are also the biggest manufacturers amongst the British. These … [Read more...]

Walt Siegl’s True Blue

Waltsiegl's True Blue

    The phrase “true blue” signifies the state of being genuine. A true blue democrat indicates one’s loyalty in being a democrat and one’s credibility of being an ambassador of democracy. This motorcycle model is true blue to its standards and expectations.   The True Blue based on Ducati is the legitimate ride for all professional and skilled … [Read more...]

Moto Gloves Men’s Custom Leather Riding Gloves

Custom Leather Riding Gloves

These comely gloves come in several colors including black, brown and yellow and three basic sizes; small, medium, and large. Custom engraving is available along with original art although there are some restrictions on the art work. There is the option of having knuckle holes for decoration or utility. The customer has the option of having the company design your original art … [Read more...]

T-Bird Shop in Paris

T-Bird Shop

Burst out into your version of ‘Grease Lightning’ when stepping inside this shop. Located in Montparnasse area in Paris, the T-Bird Shop has top quality leather brands that every biker needs – and wants. The shop owner is obviously knowledgeable in this field of expertise.The store gives off an ambiance of the decade when bikers and motorcycles first became popular. The T-Bird … [Read more...]

The Officine Rossopuro Big Red Buell 1200 X1

Buell 1200

The look The Big Red Buell 1200 X1 is a motorcycle but it is so much more than that as well. This Italian beauty has the classic new school bike look and a two-tone color scheme. It may not be right for the Harley fans but other motorists find this bike to be a work of art as well as a wonderful performance. The stats This engine has some resemblance to the Sportster … [Read more...]

Officinerossopuro Morimoto Moto Guzzi Bellagio 940

Moto Guzzi Bellagio 940

Officine Rossopuro Moto Guzzi Bellagio 940: Officine Rossopuro is a well-known motorcycle company based out of Italy and has a great representation built up for their quality bikes and their hands on approach to everything and everyone. Visit their website and check out photos in their gallery or videos of their amazing bikes being ridden and doing tricks. You can also … [Read more...]

Officine Rossopuro Moto Guzzi 1000 SP – 1980

Moto Guzzi 1000 SP

 Officine Rossopuro - Creator of Great Motorcycles:          Motto Guzzi is well known Italian manufacturer of motorcycles, with the Moto Guzzi 1000 SP being produced from 1977 to 1985. The goal of this bike was to be comfortable riding while on long road trips. It was also popular with tourists and has often been compared to the BMW R 100 RS. Even though this beauty was made … [Read more...]

Featured Modificator: Radikal Chopper from Italy


In the medieval times, knights rode horses to battle.  Even the kings, princes, and other members of royalty rode horsed with golden reins and saddles.  In today’s time of cars, engines and cycles, the knights of modern times are mounted on motorcycles. Faster than horses, motorcycles are the new noble steed to conquer the modern highways. Radikal Chopper’s model stands … [Read more...]

Royal Enfield 350 Trail

Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield 350 Trail is an amazing motorcycle that has been around for several years. There are a lot of colors that it can come in and there are a lot of different modifications that you can do to it. This particular model is considered to be a reinvention after an antique motorcycle and costs a decent amount of money. Notice the tiny details all over the bike that … [Read more...]

Road Runner Helmet

Road Runner Helmet

  Are you looking for a new helmet? Look no further! The Road Runner helmet is very stylish. It is white and black or black and white and features a snap on and off chinstrap. More popular among those riders who prefer to drive what is known as a chopper or a bobber.          Other vintage motorcycles and old school riders prefer this type of helmet. It comes in two … [Read more...]

Free Kustom Cycles’ Golden Fury

Golden Fury

The Golden Fury is a mean motor machine. It’s not too heavy and not too light either. The slanted model of the driver’s seat is similar to those vintage motorcycles. This driver’s seat design also makes it easier to maneuver this vehicle through various road conditions.  It’s sensitive to turn, as small nudge towards a direction will cause a slight shift on the … [Read more...]

Artic Monkeys Triumph Bonneville from Mule Motorcycles

Triumph Bonneville

For boys and men all around the world, bikes are a symbol of freedom and masculinity. A guy doesn't feel complete until he has a bike on his hands. That was what Richard Pollock was going for when he started Mule Motorcycles, simply out of his sheer fascination, curiosity and passion for bikes. A bike enthusiast, road racer and a bike builder, Pollock went from breaking down … [Read more...]

Dauphine Lamarck Honda CB125S – Micheline

Honda CB125S

Ride down memory lane with this bronze baby. Micheline’s creative model is focused on the design. The interior parts of the motorcycle are its exterior as well. The cranks and shafts are coated in bronze for that mechanic vintage look. Top this off with a beat-up leather jacket and score yourself a Pink Lady. At the same time, the engine and the mechanical function really … [Read more...]

Nice CUPA, in Indoor Gallery

cupa scrambler

  In the great countryside, people would picture horses and tractors as they main ways for getting around doing chores and errands. The horses are fine for herding; the tractors are built for the fields; but going to town in a horse or tractor may cause pandemonium.Pick-up trucks are a bit pricey and they’re really used for cargo. The best way to get around is with a … [Read more...]

Officine Rosso Puro’s Moto Guzzi SP1000 SCR

Moto Guzzi SP1000

Nothing beats black. Technically, black is not a color. It is defined as the absence of light, or the complete absorption of light. While this is highly debatable, black is considered as the opposite of white, since white is the presence of all light in a given spectrum. Nowadays, black is considered a color of elegance. Black is a classic color, established as high-class. The … [Read more...]