Sbay Motor Co.`s “Jerry”- A Harley Davidson Evolution Custom Moto

Harley davidson evolution custom

"Jerry," as team in Sbay Motor Co. like to call it, is an in-house built and designed motorbike. Built based from the legendary Harley Davidson Evolution V-Twin engine as it`s engine of choice, this bike shows some extremely original design aesthetics solution. The main attention should be given to the one-off chassis that was completely built by the Sbay Motor team, and is … [Read more...]

Honda FTR 250 “Brat Tracker” by Heiwa

Honda FTR 250

This interesting design come to us from the Heiwa team from Japan. Following the popular Japanese "Brat Style" design, this bike also seem to borrow ideas from the American "bobber" bikes. This can be seen primarily by it`s stripped down, "bare bone" design. The rear portion of the bike is the part that got stripped the most, and that gives the bike a minimalistic look. A lot … [Read more...]

Totti Motori’s ’70s Yamaha XS750


Roberto Totti Motorcicle specialist owner of Tottimotori has built YAM YZ YABSA in 2008. It was designed by his owner Stephen Possati. The intention was to build a new café racer by using Japanese XS motor which was put on the market in 1960. The XS motor is very powerful to compete with the Bonneville and it was best in that time frame. The Double Cradle of BSA DB 34 gave rise … [Read more...]

Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200; OFFICINE ROSSOPURO Stelvio Ride

Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200

In a country such as Italy where such work of customizing the motorcycle was just virtually non-existent, the challenge was even greater and more interesting to devote one’s self to devote himself to this “art”. Desire to create is not only thing in the two wheeler world. It needs to have inborn creative nature and needs to learn. So it’s not the idea of copying the regular … [Read more...]

Oldclassiccar Compiled Some of Interesting Vintage British Motorcycles

vintage british motorcycle

Oldclassiccar website has reserved one part of it as related to the vintage motorcycles of 1950s. Being a huge fan of older bikes which were built before the 1970s the website owner has gathered the pics of the bikes. Which can be of manufactured by and legendary British manufacturer. It doesn’t meant by the owner that there is no great bikes from other countries it was just … [Read more...]

Matt Machine – Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le mans

Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le mans

Matt Machine from Austraila featured Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le mans. He has spent more time working on the bike’s mechanical customs than any other motorcycle builder may had. This bike was race bike till 1980s after word in 2000 it was taken back to road.It now weighs lesser than before still it has no problem running at 160-180kmph for a long period of time. The bike is … [Read more...]

Harley Davidson by Machina Custom Cycles

Harley Davidson

Good For motor retro and classics Motorcycles restores, races and customize the BMW as well as Harleys bikes. Harley Davidson 17 was customized by Machina Custom Cycles. A front Dual Halogen are blend in each other with such a unique and fascinating way. A Two different shades of color is very Eye caching. A Twin Cam engine will going to give very good Torque and Power. It has … [Read more...]

Totti Motori, Senior in Bike Building in Italy


Roberto Totti Motorcicle Specialist is using his creativity since 1973 in TOTTIMOTORI. He started his carrier by building small 2 stroke engines for endurance races. After 80s he gave his only assistance to BMW and Honda motorcycles. His aim to follow bit fashion from the market with highly qualified assistance that can call itself “Unique”. They also provide restoration for … [Read more...]

Ruote Rugginose Ducati Mark 3 250 – Minerva

Ducati Mark 3 250

Ruote Rugginose wins in 28th biker fest arranged by IMC (Italian Motorcycle Championship). He was spotted there with Ducati Mark 3 250 customized by himself. It is the most unique design anyone has ever seen called Minerva. A wooden reddish color design. The wood design was designed with the help of wood craftsman David Aresi, The master of color Greaser Garage helped too. … [Read more...]

Officine Rossopuro Purosangue Moto Guzzi SP 1000

Moto Guzzi SP1000

Filippo Barbacane from Officine Rossopuro used the base of Moto Guzzi SP 1000. He designed and customized the bike in 4 months in 2014. It has a very unique aluminum door electrical system for battery and other stuff. The classic look has been obtained by using the wire wheels of borrani which are of aluminum. Fascinating painting of red blood color of three layers. The rear … [Read more...]

Unique Prototype of Motorcycle – The 32 by Nembo Motociclette

Nembo Motociclette

Nembo Motociclette (motorcycle) is a new small Italian motorcycle company based in Rome and led by Daniele Sabatini, sole owner and sole designer of the bike. Nembo Motociclettehas explained the 32 concept. With the blend of different concept It is been explained about the topics as given below: 32 concept ( 3 Cylinder/ 2 Liters) Inverting the Engine As of now the term … [Read more...]

Short Note About Vintage Motorcycle Girls

vintage motorcycle girl

A very good saying about bike riding is that this life of leather and rubber is a huge cosmos of accomplishments, heroic tales and legendary figures; all of whom have helped shape this life we live called motorcycling. In every field woman has had the best outcome, motorcycling is not out of list of it. From the 10 motorcyclists, one is female, but the range of motorcycle is … [Read more...]

Debbie Evans on Ossa motorbike


Debbie Evans is a current Stunt actor and former competitor in motorcycle trials. She gave a stoked as all hell on her look on her Ossa motorbike. She is the first woman to compete in FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) world championships Trial Event. Ossa motorcycles have appeared after a 25 years gap with a passionate team for getting the Spanish brand forefront … [Read more...]

Dozer Garage Classical Steampunk BMW R60/6

BMW R60/6

Several weks ago I posted about Star (Yamaha) Midnight Star 1.9 “Rocky”, a great cruiser model modified to more sophisticated model with single seat. The bike restored from wrecked bike, and remodeled to something new. This motorcycle is a direct competitor to Harley Davidson because both of them are cruiser bike.BMW R60/6 I browsed through Dozer Garage's website and … [Read more...]

Motociclone – Officine Rossopuro Moto Guzzi SP1000

Moto Guzzi SP1000

Filippo Barbacane the designer and customizer of the officine rossopuro used the base of Moto Guzzi SP1000 and customized it with a new look and design in 6 months in the year 2011. It was named Motociclone and it means ‘Cyclone Bike’. The tires used on the bikes are of 18’’. It has matte painting with pin stripping. Seat of the motorcycle is saddled in an old style. It is … [Read more...]

A Very Attractive Terrain Bike Dauphine-Lamarck Honda XLS 125

Honda XLS 125

Dauphine-Lamarck has customized the original Honda XLS 125 into a very attractive terrain bike. They organize different workshops, too. Apart from this, they take part in different shows and marches. The XLS 125 looks very different after the customization, as they have changed its tires for terrain tires in order to get more friction and effort. A big halogen in front looks … [Read more...]

GR-M Design`s Suzuki DR 250 “Café Tracker”

Suzuki DR 250

We are all accustomed to reading about custom café racer bikes. Most of them use touring bike designs as their base. However, today we stumbled upon something a bit different. Greg Martin and his team had converted a Suzuki DR 250 enduro into a bona fide café racer. We decided to call this bike a "Café Tracker". As you can see from the images below the transformation was … [Read more...]

Ruote Slim 1970 Moto Guzzi

1970 Moto Guzzi

The slim V7 1970 is an Italian sports motorcycle that reshaped the structure of sports bikes for Moto Guzzi. With the release of this sport bike, Moto Guzzi was able to redesign their ideal framework for a sport bike. Instead of using a chain to run the bike, the engine was turned by a shaft.The mechanical changeSince the design of the sport bike was being changed, … [Read more...]

Vibrations Art Design’s Awesome Vibrazioni BMW K100 Café Racer

BMW K100

The young Greek Italian enthusiast Spiros Litsas Mille from Vibrations Art Design outdid himself with this BMW K100. A design which gave the bike the nickname "Flying Brick" was turned upside down in this Greek`s creation. The standard K100 was stripped down to the bone, with the "BMW" marked engine being the only recognizable part remaining. The painting was redone, with the … [Read more...]

Triumph Tiger Cub T20 – Derringer 200

Triumph Tiger Cub T20

If you’re looking for a bike that’s light and easy to carry but is just as fast as big motorcycles, this model is what you’re looking for. Whether you’re leisurely riding down the coast or around town for work, this beauty is fast on the road but convenient to carry around. It gives the phrase “small, but terrible” a whole new meaning.   This motorcycle is easily driven. … [Read more...]