Yamaha 250 Scorpio Long Distance Use, Oldies/Street Tracker Style

The owner, Catur Budi, is from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. He had stock Yamaha Scorpio 250cc at his garage, but he felt he need to crank up the style. So he decided to put his bike to local bike workshop called STEP motorcycle Jogjakarta. The concept for the bike is stylish yet comfortable, so tracker style choosen.

Because the concept is minimal modification, not much changed from the stock. He change the tank, fenders, sidebody, and rear lamp. Also, he adds some parts like front shockbreaker cover, and rear footstep. Other still original.

Most of the custom parts are made from galvanized plate. Chassis to be cutted 22 cm. Saddle made thicker because it need to be comfortable. Last, he put custom fuel indicator from a small plastic bottle. Condition of fuel can be monitored from it whether it empty or has dirt in it.
For performance-wise, exhaust need to be made custom so it power increased significantly. And CDI BRT type bolt-on replace the stock CDI. Now he satisfied.
Nice one, Sir.

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